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 21st October 2014

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East Bergholt Surgery

Heath Road

East Bergholt

Colchester CO7 6RT

01206 298272

Capel St Mary Surgery

36 The Street

Capel St Mary

Ipswich IP9 2EE

 01473 310203




Wednesday 1st October 2014 at East Bergholt Surgery

from 2.00 pm - 7.00 pm 


 Tuesday 7th October 2014 at Capel St Mary Surgery

 from 2.00 pm - 7.00 pm 




The clinics will run on the same basis as previously: all eligible patients will receive a letter by mid-September inviting them to attend on one of the above days. Patients may attend either clinic, irrespective of where they live, and no appointment is needed. The vaccine is provided free of charge to eligible patients. Non-eligible patients may still attend these clinics for a private vaccination, which will be chargeable. Patients who have not received a letter by 25nd September, and believe they should be eligible for a free NHS-provided vaccine, should contact the surgery.


Some patients may also be eligible for pneumococcal and shingles vaccines and this will be stated in the invite letter. We have ordered ample vaccines but we would ask eligible patients to attend one of the above clinics if at all possible, as arranging vaccinations during normal surgery hours is a far less efficient way to administer them.




New contractual requirements came into force from 1 April 2014 requiring that GP Practices should make available a statement of intent in relation to the following IT developments:

Summary Care Record (SCR)

GP to GP Record Transfers

Patient Online Access to Their GP Record

Data for commissioning and other secondary care purposes

The same contractual obligations require that we have a statement of intent regarding these developments in place and publicised by 30 September 2014.

Please find below details of the practices stance with regards to these points.

Summary Care Record (SCR)

NHS England require practices to enable successful automated uploads of any changes to patients summary information, at least on a daily basis, to the summary care record (SCR) or have published plans in place to achieve this by 31st of March 2015.

Having your Summary Care Record (SCR) available will help anyone treating you without your full medical record. They will have access to information about any medication you may be taking and any drugs that you have a recorded allergy or sensitivity to.

Of course if you do not want your medical records to be available in this way then you will need to let us know so that we can update your record. You can do this via the opt out form on our website  We confirm that by the 31st March 2015 your SCR will beautomatically updated on at least a daily basis to ensure that your information is as up to date as it can possibly be.

We have agreed with our CCG that will we start to upload your SCR's from December 2014.

GP to GP Record Transfers

NHS England require practices to utilise the GP2GP facility for the transfer of patient records between practices, when a patient registers or de-registers (not for temporary registration).

It is very important that you are registered with a doctor at all times. If you leave your GP and register with a new GP, your medical records will be removed from your previous doctor and forwarded on to your new GP via NHS England. It can take your paper records up to two or more weeks to reach your new surgery.

With GP to GP record transfers your electronic record is transferred to your new practice much sooner.

We confirm that GP to GP transfers are already active and we send and receive patient records via this system.

Patient Online Access to Their GP Record (summary information from your records i.e. medications, allergies, adverse reactions and any additional information agreed between the GP and patient)

NHS England require practices to promote and offer the facility to enable patients online access to appointments, prescriptions, allergies and adverse reactions or have published plans in place to achieve this by 31st of March 2015.

We currently offer the facility for booking and cancelling appointments and also for ordering your repeat prescriptions on-line. We are not currently offering the facility to view your GP record online (summary information from your records i.e. medications, allergies, adverse reactions and any additional information agreed between the GP and patient)

We hope to offer this service by the 31st March 2015 or if not by the 31st March 2015 as soon as we are satisfied that the functionality provided by our clinical system provider offers a suitable method of facilitating patients online viewing of the GP record (summary information from your records i.e. medications, allergies, adverse reactions and any additional information agreed between the GP and patient).

If you do not already have a user name and password for our online appointment booking system please visit our practice with proof of your identity and we will issue you with your registration details.  You will also need these registration details to view your patient record online when the service is available.

Data for commissioning and other secondary care purposes

It is already a requirement of the Health and Social Care Act that practices must meet the reasonable data requirements of commissioners and other health and social care organisations through appropriate and safe data sharing for secondary uses, as specified in the technical specification for care data.

We have specific arrangements in place to allow patients to opt outof which allows for the removal of data from the practice. Please see the page about on our website

We confirm these arrangements are in place and that we undertake annual training and audits to ensure that all our data is handled correctly and safely via the Information Governance Toolkit.

29th September 2014
 - What you need to know

Confidential information from your medical records can be used by the NHS to improve the services offered so we can provide the best possible care for everyone.

This information along with your postcode and NHS number but not your name, are sent to a secure system where it can be linked with other health information.  

This allows those planning NHS services or carrying out medical research to use information from different parts of the NHS in a way which does not identify you.

You have a choice . If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything more>>

Summary Care records - What you need to know


There is a new Central NHS Computer System called the Summary Care Record (SCR). The Summary Care Record is meant to help emergency doctors and nurses help you when you contact them when the surgery is closed. Initially, it will contain just your medications and allergies.

Later on as the central NHS computer system develops, (known as the ‘Summary Care Record’ – SCR), other staff who work in the NHS will be able to access it along with information from hospitals, out of hours services, and specialists letters that may be added as well.

Your information will be extracted from practices such as ours and held on central NHS databases.   

As with all new systems there are pros and cons to think about. When you speak to an emergency doctor you might overlook something that is important and if they have access to your medical record it might avoid mistakes or problems, although even then, you should be asked to give your consent each time a member of NHS Staff wishes to access your record, unless you are medically unable to do so.

On the other hand, you may have strong views about sharing your personal information and wish to keep your information at the level of this practice. Connecting for Health (CfH), the government agency responsible for the Summary Care Record have agreed with doctors’ leaders that new patients registering with this practice should be able to decide whether or not their information is uploaded to the Central NHS Computer System.

For existing patients it is different in that it is assumed that you want your record uploaded to the Central NHS Computer System unless you actively opt out. 

For further information visit the HSCIC Website


If you choose to opt out of the scheme, then you will need to complete a form and bring it along to the surgery

Making appointments online 

You can book, cancel and check your own appointments, at any time of the night or day online. You will also be able to order your medication online more >>

Repeat prescriptions online

You can now order your repeat prescriptions online directly from this website. To use this service, you will first need to register with reception to obtain a password. You will then be able to order prescriptions for later collection.

If you require a specific medication only occasionally and it is not on repeat, please do not order this online.  Please contact reception as you may be asked to speak to or come in and see one of the doctors. This again is to ensure safe practice.

If you have already registered with reception, go to our prescription page and follow the link to online prescription ordering.

Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 recognises that members of the public have the right to know how public services are organised and run, how much they cost and how decisions are made. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are also entitled to access your clinical records or any other personal information held about you.

Access for disabled patients

The Medical Centre conforms to the guidelines laid down by the Disability Act and includes a lift to the first floor. The Capel surgery is accessible by ramp and staff are on hand to help with any enquiries or concerns.

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